Surrogacy in California: 4 Reasons Location Matters

Surrogacy in California: 4 Reasons Location Matters

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There are many decisions to be made before undergoing the surrogacy process. In addition to preliminary health screenings, searching to match with intended parents, and grappling with the emotions of it all, finding the right location in which to do everything is vital. For new surrogates and intended parents, choosing surrogacy in California is important for several reasons.

1) Different Locations Vary in Surrogacy Policy

Perhaps one of the most important reasons that location matters so much in a surrogacy agreement is the states laws and attitude surrounding the process. In the United States, not at all state jurisdictions handle surrogacy in the same way. Some states deem it illegal while others have legalized the process. Even then, some states are more surrogacy-friendly than others. Surrogacy in California, for instance, is heavily protected by state law and falls under less stigma than it would in more conservative states.

Location is important because for both surrogate mother and intended parents, understanding the rights granted to each party makes the process smoother. Many intended parents wont begin their surrogacy process if the state doesnt allow them to establish legal parental rights before the birth of the baby. Surrogacy in California comes with these rights and also provides support for drawing up all legal documents.

2) International Parents Have Unique Concerns

Because states in America vary in their surrogacy policies, intended parents from other countries must make their choices very carefully. Not only should they choose a location that has safeguards surrounding surrogacy agreements, they should look for agencies that can provide benefits. These specific benefits can include language translators, travel accommodations, and temporary housing for international parents after they arrive in the United States.

3) Access to Supporting Resources is Key for Success

Another reason that makes location so important for surrogacy is having access to extra support systems. In smaller, more conservative locations, getting support outside the surrogacy agency may prove more challenging. In comparison, surrogate-friendly locations may have more widespread support resources that both surrogate mother and intended parents can utilize. Surrogacy in California offers easy access to invaluable resources. Support groups, forums, on-call staff and mentors, and more are accessible to both parties in the surrogacy agreement. With a highly professional agency and extra support from the outside, the pregnancy and childbirth will be a positive experience for everyone involved.

4) Easy Travel Reduces Stress

Not only does a surrogate mother need to have easy access to her surrogacy agency, intended parents should be able to comfortably travel to the agency as well. Surrogacy in California is ideal for traveling because of its coastal location and various international airports. When there are fewer traveling or commuting stresses, the surrogacy experience is that much more enjoyable and feasible.

Trust in EDSI for Your Surrogacy in California

At the Egg Donor and Surrogacy Institute, experienced professionals understand the importance of location in a surrogacy agreement. Whether youre based in California or outside the country, surrogacy with EDSI will provide you with the best experience possible. For more information on EDSI and our surrogacy program, contact us at (866) 344-3662 today.

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