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San Jose surrogacy can be quite demanding to traverse, especially if it is your very first journey or you haven’t worked with a certain agency before now. At EDSI, our desire is to be the go to for San Jose surrogacy– we want to help people assemble their families. To do this, we have taken rigorous steps to set ourselves apart from others, putting in much time and effort into our policies, treatments, and associations. We guarantee that everyone is intimately involved in the procedure, from the intended parents and the surrogate to medical professionals and caseworkers.

At EDSI, we cultivate positive, open relationships between everyone involved, including extended families, so that everyone feels like an engaged participant. We have numerous team members and caseworkers accessible to you at all times, no matter what time of the day it is. This is so that you don’t feel so stressed and bowled-over.

Our team has unsurpassed empathy and practical experience working and caring for surrogate mothers, intended parents, and the developing child. When looking for San Jose surrogacy, there is nowhere else you’ll have to look.

San Jose Surrogacy: Why We Are One Of the Top Agencies

San Jose surrogacy is fairly prevalent because of our population, which means that there are many different surrogacy firms. Nevertheless, not all are a great fit. San Jose surrogacy demands a certain amount of openness and care, communication and cooperation, and mediation and introspection. We offer unrivaled and tailored care for everyone so that their needs can be met. Not only that, but you will have a caseworker on call to you 24/7/365– no matter what the challenge may be. Also, we have several locations to serve you better as well.

The best San Jose surrogacy agencies work extremely hard to employ the best surrogates and develop the most meaningful connections. More significantly, we try to take some of the stress out of the procedure– though we concede that we can not take it all out. Surrogates are hired based on their ability to not only carry a healthy pregnancy but to deal with the emotional and psychological consequences of it as well. You will be able to look for the most ideal fit for your family, down to the type of education your surrogate has and how many successful pregnancies she’s carried.

San Jose surrogacy entails adherence to various rules and laws by the surrogate mother, the intended parents, and the agency– and we make sure that all of that is true. Nevertheless, we take it a step further to assure that everyone is free from danger, more than happy, and invested in the procedure by having even more stringent qualifications and more meticulous examination before, through, and after the pregnancy. Our many years of practice have enabled us to foster relationships with doctors, psychologists, surrogates, and other healthcare professionals to help steer you through the process.

If you are primed to get started with one of the greatest surrogacy agencies in San Jose, call us at 1 -866 -344 -3662 to find out more details.

San Jose Surrogacy: For Intended Parents

San Jose surrogacy for intended parents can be unbelievably difficult in the best and worst ways. You are afraid, you are exhausted, and you are so hopeful. We have seen it all when it comes to surrogacy, and know the complexities of the emotions you are experiencing. San Jose surrogacy requires strict attention to detail. You can not only work with an agency that will match you with a gestational carrier. Instead, the best San Jose surrogacy facilities will help you to locate someone that you connect with, someone that you truly want to carry your child.

Then, we take care of a large number of other factors as well, ensuring that you know all about costs, fertility, IVF centers, attorneys, scheduling appointments, mediating relationships, incorporating your family, and anything else that could be upsetting with another Los Agentless surrogacy agency.

By using our top-rated San Jose surrogacy agency, you will be able to feel less of the emotional burden that comes with the “particulars” of surrogacy and focus more on the emotions surrounding becoming a parent. We work to ascertain that your surrogate will have the best health care from doctors and professionals. You will always have up to date information.

We have many joyful and healthy families and surrogates, many of whom return to us time and time again. We go out of our way to make certain that everyone is completely happy, comfortable, and content throughout the process, including surrogates, parents, doctors, caretakers, and of course, the child.

Want to know more about what sets us apart from other surrogacy agencies in San Jose? Give us a call at 1-866 -344 -3662 to find out more about we can help you in adding to your family or assisting you to start one.

San Jose Surrogacy: For Surrogates

For women who are thinking about applying to be a surrogate in San Jose, you should think of working with our team. Surrogacy is a fantastic way to make a lasting impact on the world– you get to help people become parents and complete their families.

EDSI has some of the greatest success stories through our egg donation and surrogacy programs. We work with women who are healthy enough to carry pregnancies– so you have to have carried a pregnancy fully before.

When you apply to be a surrogate in San Jose, you must get extremely thorough testing and an examination to make sure that you will be protected all through the pregnancy, both on an emotional level and physically. If you successfully pass those tests, you will enter into our system and can be chosen as a surrogate.

When you do come to be a San Jose surrogate, you will work with the most experienced and well-regarded health care and psychologically health care professionals. We ensure that every step of the process is comfortable for you. You will be under the supervision of skilled doctors who will closely oversee you and the baby– and support is there 24/7 as well.

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