Should You Form a Relationship with Your Surrogate?

Should You Form a Relationship with Your Surrogate?

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If you’ve thought about working with a surrogate to build your family, you’re not alone. Surrogacy has been a successful choice for families around the globe who have faced countless obstacles in having children. Because finding a surrogate mother is brand new emotional territory, many questions may come up. One of these is the question of if you should form a relationship with your surrogate. Though some may find treating a surrogacy agreement as a business arrangement ideal, forming an intimate friendship is the path for many other intended parents and surrogates. Which one is the right choice?

Bonding During Surrogacy

The emotional bond between intended parents and a surrogate mother can seem tricky to navigate initially, simply because you haven’t had much time to build a relationship with your team. During the early stages of the journey, you’ll undoubtedly have lots of questions and will want to get to know her better too. One of the many benefits of working with an agency like EDSI is that we’re very mindful of personal values and personalities when we make a match, which makes the process more natural. Although there will still be much to discuss, you’re likely to find you start out on the same page regarding most things. We also work exclusively with women who are motivated by compassion and genuinely enjoy being pregnant. It’s this type of planning, even from the matching stage, that often sets the stage for a strong bond.

Formal Relationship vs Friendship

There are formalities associated with surrogacy, such as defining expectations and signing contracts. These things go a long way to defining your relationship with your surrogate, so it’s helpful to consider ahead of time how much involvement you’d like throughout the pregnancy. Each team decides this together, and it’s one of the things we consider when we match. However, despite the formality, finalizing things also clears the air a bit, and makes it easier for all parties to relax and find a fit that’s natural for them.

Additionally, it’s no secret that qualified surrogates who possess the traits we expect are rare, and also in high demand. There’s even sometimes a wait while we search for the right woman. It can be a little intimidating when you finally meet her; after all, this is the woman who has chosen to walk this path with you, and you’re strangers. When it comes down to it, though, there is a lot of emotion. You’ll likely feel immense gratitude toward her, and she’ll feel connected with you and your baby. It’s because of this that a natural friendship, which often carries on after birth, is built.

Find Your Surrogate with EDSI

Begin your surrogacy journey in good hands with Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute, a professional and trusted surrogacy agency in California. From matching you with your surrogate to setting up doctor appointments and navigating every last step, EDSI has your priorities in mind. If you’re ready to find your ideal surrogate, please contact EDSI at (866) 344-3662 today.

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