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5 Tips for Relieving Stress During Surrogacy

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Everyone knows that pregnancy can be stressful. For surrogate mothers there is an added level of intensity during pregnancy. Because the health of the surrogate strongly impacts the health of the unborn baby, there is a wealth information available to surrogates for tips on how to maintain optimal physical and mental health, including keeping stress levels low. In surrogacy, however, there are two parties deeply invested in pregnancy. Intended parents experience just as much stress while waiting for their child, coupled with the lack of control they commit to by trusting someone else to carry their baby. Read on for five tips on how to relieve some of this stress.

Prepare for Obstacles

A great way for intended parents to ease stress during the surrogacy process is to plan for it. Many IPs will do this in conjunction with their surrogacy agencies while they draw up contracts and legal agreements. Any worries an IP may have going into the process, or any hesitations they feel coming up, can often be soothed over by setting up steps to either prevent those situations or work through them when/if they arise. Legal boundaries and arrangements are great and necessary ways to ensure that both parties in a surrogacy agreement will feel safe and confident in what they’re doing.

Always Communicate

Communication is key for everyone involved in surrogacy. Intended parents especially should remember to communicate any time they feel stress. In a case of stress or anxiety over how their child is doing, simply reaching out to their surrogate can do wonders. When communication is respectful of boundaries and sincere, both surrogates and IPs almost always are okay with reassuring each other throughout the pregnancy. In addition to reaching out to the surrogate herself, IPs can turn to their mentors at their surrogacy agency. It’s important for IPs to be open about their feelings and thoughts during their entire journey so that those around them know the best ways to help.

Make Time for Self-Care

Intended parents often become consumed by their surrogacy. Their days are filled with preparing for their child, meeting with their agency, setting up appointments, wondering how the baby is doing, worrying about the surrogate mother, and much more. This can be extremely overwhelming and, oftentimes, IPs don’t realize how much they may feel bogged down. In order to prevent this and truly enjoy the surrogacy experience, it’s important to make time for self-care. Intended parents should always schedule time for themselves. This can be in the form of social gatherings, family dinners, shopping, massages, or even cleaning a room in the house that’s been neglected. Anything that can help center and relax the mind is key.

Journal Your Experience

Journaling can be a form of self-care that makes a considerable difference for an intended parent during surrogacy. While they wait for the arrival of their child, journaling can help relieve added stress and let go of extraneous worries. It can also double as a valuable memory vault; during surrogacy it can be hard to appreciate every moment for what it is when there is often a sense of urgency or worry that can creep up naturally. Having a journal to look back on and remember the good times can be a special asset for both parent and child in years to come.

Find Outside Support

In addition to support from friends, family, and agency, outside support can be extremely helpful for intended parents experiencing elevated stress levels during their surrogacy journey. Support groups with other intended parents who have experienced it before or are currently living it can be wildly helpful; sometimes the best support is simply someone in a similar place who can relate and act as a soundboard for any worries. Surrogacy agencies can be a great resource for finding support groups like this in addition to sources online or in the community.

Enjoy Your Surrogacy with EDSI

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